Welcome to The Development Council of Southern Denmark

The Development Council of Southern Denmark is a private-public partnership, where partners cooperate to position Southern Jutland as an attractive place to live, study and do business.

Our common objective is to improve the societal and commercial activities in order to strengthen the region. We concentrate on improving three main areas:

- The framework conditions for established and newly established businesses

- Business clusters - e.g. mechatronics, logistics, agriculture and welfaretechnology

- Relations

Link: Read a short presentation from June 2015

We have great expertise in project matchmaking and finding project financing. We inspire and motivate companies to join large interregional projects funded by EU-money. In collaboration with our German colleagues, we create business networks and initiate cross-border based projects supported by e.g. the EU Interreg 4A program: eMotion, Cross Border Logistics and Future Renewable Energy.


The council currently consists of 29 members. The members hold positions as chief executives, leaders from educational institutions, the mayors of the four southern Danish municipalities and members of the Confederation of Danish Employers. See our member list here.

What can we do for you?

Are you interested in our organization? Or do you have a project you think may be of interest to us with regards to our focus objectives, you are more than welcome to contact one of our employees with your inquiries.


Logistics  -  Agriculture  -  Mekatronics  -  Welfare Technology

How to learn more

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